What Cheer Joins Pack

What Cheer Joins Pack

We are teaming-up with a new startup!

Oh hey! We wanted to let you know about some exciting news happening at What Cheer. We've decided to transition away from client work to team-up with a brand new San Francisco-based startup called Pack!

Over the last six years we've learned a lot. We transitioned from graphic design to web design to web design/development to web application UI/UX design/development. We've worked with so many really, really great people. All the while we've had a wonderful time and are very proud of all the fancy websites we've launched. We've been very fortunate.

Working on projects for others has allowed us pay the bills and find time to work on some of our own projects. However, we've learned that as much as we like working on stuff for other people, it is even more satisfying to work on our own projects. The speed, efficiency, and pride born out of being our own decision maker is exhilarating.

We knew we wanted to find a way to work on our own projects full-time. We knew we wanted to make something from scratch and help it grow.

Meet Megan

Earlier this year we worked with Megan Casey on a design consulting project for Squidoo (the company she co-founded with Seth Godin).

On What Cheer's sixth birthday, Megan jumped on a plane from San Francisco to Omaha to meet with us about her new startup: Pack.

Megan is super smart, silly, has great design taste, and is a blast to work with. She knows what it takes to build and grow large scale content platforms and communities. We can't think of anyone else with whom we would rather build a startup.

Meet Pack

Pack is for people who ❤ their dogs. It is a place for humans to share and connect around the topic of woman's (and man's) best friend.

There is a good chance you have a dog, love said dog, and this dog is the most popular character in the collection of photos you carry with you on your phone. Pack is for you.

You can read what Megan has to say about it, too.

What about What Cheer

What Cheer will continue, but the shape will change.

Alex, John, and John Henry have equity in Pack and are becoming full-time employees.

Becca (intern turned web designer/front-end dev) is pursuing her own freelance dreams. If you need a responsive website, hire Becca. She's good.

What Cheer will no longer be taking on new projects for clients. We will be focused on building Pack from the ground up and tending to its growth and success. We will also continue to work on our own projects (I live in Omaha, Pep Rally, Bumble, and other silly things for Big Omaha).

Pack is a distributed company. For the time being, we are all staying in Omaha and working in the Mastercraft.

Thank you

We are fortunate to be a part of such a supportive community. We are thankful for all the people that helped us and took risks on us along the way. Thank you.


It feels a little like those early days of What Cheer with more than a little risk but a whole lot of excitement for the future. We're looking forward to looking back on the next six years.

John Henry Müller, Alex P. Gates, and John Hobbs

December 14, 2012